Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meet Stewart - The Quadfecta

Well its a new semester and like all new semesters we find ourselves with new projects, new things to learn and with them come new troubles to troubleshoot, but most importantly new semesters bring new characters - this semester its Stewart. Stewart is a loveable old man with a big heart but not so keen eyesight.

Our first assignment this semester in CA has been to model/texture and begin practicing animating our characters in preparation for our Sit Stand animation. The "quadfecta" assignment was a series of four animation exercises meant to teach us how to bring our new found friends to life the correct way : )

I've finished the animation and Stewart's all rigged up and ready for the big show and the Sit Stand but I'm still in the process of finishing up his textures. Texturing and surfacing is the area that i hopefully want to get into after I graduate so for me the "pretty factor" on Stewart isn't quite there yet and isn't quite what I've envisioned it to be, but in time it will... just give me another few weeks - i'll be sure to post a turnaround later once I finish his final textures.


  1. Lookin' good! Love the title slide! I am very much looking forward to seeing those final textures!! :D

  2. oh man russell i saw an old man yesterday at the doctors office, SAME pants and same walk like arm swing and all! haha... :) i wanted to take a video to show you but i thought that might be awkward..