Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stewart's Big Day - The Sit Stand

Well here it is... the culmination of three months of modeling, rigging, and animating exercise after exercise: My Sit Stand Animation is finally complete.

It was quite an adventure and in the end I would say that I am satisfied with the final product. It's satisfying to see an idea, that was dreamed up a year ago in concept, finally come to life, take shape, and move right in front of your eyes. It has been a fun semester with Stewart, but like all good things in life they must come to an end. As this semester draws to a close I look forward to next semester, I look forward to the new projects that will bring along with them new characters with whom we will get to know and share our lives with. It's amazing as we step back to see how much work we managed to cram into such a short period of time, but after many sleepless nights, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.... I present you the fruit of my labor for you to enjoy - i hope in some small way it makes you smile or even makes you laugh, maybe even brings a chuckle. I have a long ways to go by any means before I'm even remotely good at this "animation" thing but i always strive to live by the words of the great Disney animator Glen Keane,

"In animation the focus isn't to move characters but to move audiences."

Our final two projects for the semester in CA pull us back from the animation aspect of our major, and focuses more on lighting, texturing, and compositing the area of our major that I am interested in pursuing. I'm excited to dive right in and learn everything I can.... To build and expand upon my knowledge of texturing. It should be a fun final three weeks. I will be sure to keep you posted - but till then take care and enjoy!

CLICK HERE for HiRes version

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